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NHL MVP Winners; HOFs Gretzky and Howe Lead the Way

We now have the listing of all of the NHL MVP winners for you. The award is referred to as The Hart Memorial Trophy and has been gained by way of 61 other avid gamers. Wayne Gretzky has gained essentially the most with 9 awards and Gordon Howe has six. The award is chosen by way of a vote by way of the Skilled Hockey Writers affiliation. Connor McDavid has gained essentially the most awards lately with 3 during the 2022-23 season. 

Why Is the NHL MVP Award Known as the Hart Memorial Trophy?

The NHL MVP award is officially referred to as the Hart Memorial Trophy. It’s named in honor of Dr. David Hart who donated the untouched trophy to the league. He used to be the daddy of a former trainer and GM of the Montreal Canadiens (Cecil Hart). The winner of the MVP does now not want to be at the Stanley Cup winner’s staff both (regardless that it doesn’t harm). The winner generally is on a staff that makes the NHL Playoffs in maximum seasons. 

NHL MVP Winners – Avid gamers with the Maximum Awards

Wayne Gretzky 9
Gordie Howe 6
Eddie Shore 4
Alex Ovechkin 3
Mario Lemieux 3
Bobby Clarke 3
Bobby Orr 3
Howie Morenz 3
Connor McDavid 3
Sidney Crosby 2
Dominik Hasek 2
Mark Messier 2
Man Lafleur 2
Phil Esposito 2
Stan Mikita 2
Bobby Hull 2
Jean Beliveau 2
Invoice Cowley 2
Nels Stewart 2
Hart Memorial Trophy Winners

Listing of The entire NHL MVP Winners

For the listing of all the NHL MVP winners, we advance oldest to latest. You’ll see some staff names at the Hart Memorial Award winners which might be not impaired within the NHL too. 

Season Award Winner Workforce
1923-24 Frank Nighbor Ottawa Senators
1924-25 Billy Burch Hamilton Tigers
1925-26 Nels Stewart Montreal Maroons
1926-27 Herb Gardiner Montreal Canadiens
1927-28 Howie Morenz Montreal Canadiens
1928-29 Roy Worters Brandnew York American citizens
1929-30 Nels Stewart Montreal Maroons
1930-31 Howie Morenz Montreal Canadiens
1931-32 Howie Morenz Montreal Canadiens
1932-33 Eddie Shore Boston Bruins
1933-34 Aurel Joliat Montreal Canadiens
1934-35 Eddie Shore Boston Bruins
1935-36 Eddie Shore Boston Bruins
1936-37 Albert “Babe” Siebert Montreal Canadiens
1937-38 Eddie Shore Boston Bruins
1938-39 Hector “Toe” Blake Montreal Canadiens
1939-40 Ebbie Goodfellow Detroit Purple Wings
1940-41 Invoice Cowley Boston Bruins
1941-42 Tommy Anderson Brooklyn American citizens
1942-43 Invoice Cowley Boston Bruins
1943-44 Walter “Babe” Pratt Toronto Maple Leafs
1944-45 Elmer Lach Montreal Canadiens
1945-46 Max Bentley Chicago Blackhawks
1946-47 Maurice “Rocket” Richard Montreal Canadiens
1947-48 Herbert “Buddy” O’Connor Brandnew York Rangers
1948-49 Sid Abel Detroit Purple Wings
1949-50 Chuck Rayner Brandnew York Rangers
1950-51 Milt Schmidt Boston Bruins
1951-52 Gordie Howe Detroit Purple Wings
1952-53 Gordie Howe Detroit Purple Wings
1953-54 Al Rollins Chicago Blackhawks
1954-55 Ted Kennedy Toronto Maple Leafs
1955-56 Jean Beliveau Montreal Canadiens
1956-57 Gordie Howe Detroit Purple Wings
1957-58 Gordie Howe Detroit Purple Wings
1958-59 Andy Bathgate Brandnew York Rangers
1959-60 Gordie Howe Detroit Purple Wings
1960-61 Bernie “Boom-Boom” Geoffrion Montreal Canadiens
1961-62 Jacques Plante Montreal Canadiens
1962-63 Gordie Howe Detroit Purple Wings
1963-64 Jean Beliveau Montreal Canadiens
1964-65 Bobby Hull Chicago Blackhawks
1965-66 Bobby Hull Chicago Blackhawks
1966-67 Stan Mikita Chicago Blackhawks
1967-68 Stan Mikita Chicago Blackhawks
1968-69 Phil Esposito Boston Bruins
1969-70 Bobby Orr Boston Bruins
1970-71 Bobby Orr Boston Bruins
1971-72 Bobby Orr Boston Bruins
1972-73 Bobby Clarke Philadelphia Flyers
1973-74 Phil Esposito Boston Bruins
1974-75 Bobby Clarke Philadelphia Flyers
1975-76 Bobby Clarke Philadelphia Flyers
1976-77 Man Lafleur Montreal Canadiens
1977-78 Man Lafleur Montreal Canadiens
1978-79 Bryan Trottier Brandnew York Islanders
1979-80 Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Oilers
1980-81 Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Oilers
1981-82 Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Oilers
1982-83 Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Oilers
1983-84 Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Oilers
1984-85 Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Oilers
1985-86 Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Oilers
1986-87 Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Oilers
1987-88 Mario Lemieux Pittsburgh Penguins
1988-89 Wayne Gretzky Los Angeles Kings
1989-90 Mark Messier Edmonton Oilers
1990-91 Brett Hull St. Louis Blues
1991-92 Mark Messier Brandnew York Rangers
1992-93 Mario Lemieux Pittsburgh Penguins
1993-94 Sergei Fedorov Detroit Purple Wings
1994-95 Eric Lindros Philadelphia Flyers
1995-96 Mario Lemieux Pittsburgh Penguins
1996-97 Dominik Hasek Buffalo Sabres
1997-98 Dominik Hasek Buffalo Sabres
1998-99 Jaromir Jagr Pittsburgh Penguins
1999-00 Chris Pronger St. Louis Blues
2000-01 Joe Sakic Colorado Avalanche
2001-02 Jose Theodore Montreal Canadiens
2002-03 Peter Forsberg Colorado Avalanche
2003-04 Martin St. Louis Tampa Bay Lightning
2005-06 Joe Thornton Boston-San Jose
2006-07 Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins
2007-08 Alex Ovechkin Washington Capitals
2008-09 Alex Ovechkin Washington Capitals
2009-10 Henrik Sedin Vancouver Canucks
2010-11 Corey Perry Anaheim Geese
2011-12 Evgeni Malkin Pittsburgh Penguins
2012-13 Alex Ovechkin Washington Capitals
2013-14 Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins
2014-15 Carey Worth Montreal Canadiens
2015-16 Patrick Kane Chicago Blackhawks
2016-17 Connor McDavid Edmonton Oilers
2017-18 Taylor Corridor Brandnew Jersey Devils
2018-19 Nikita Kucherov Tampa Bay Lightning
2019-20 Leon Draisaitl Edmonton Oilers
2020-21 Connor McDavid Edmonton Oilers
2021-22 Auston Matthews Toronto Maple Leafs
2022-23 Connor McDavid Edmonton Oilers
Listing of NHL MVP Winners

Wayne Gretzky Highlights

Right here’s some highlights of “The Great One” for you. 

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